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Newsweek Chooses the Future, Sells to 91 year-old Man

Buffeted by declining readership and advertising dollars - and generally being seen as a lefty organ - Newsweek was put on the block by its owner, the Washington Post. After a protracted process, the news broke tonight that he WaPo has picked 91 year-old Sidney Harman, husband of Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), as the winning bidder for the big prize. (Who the hell was the other bidder, Methuselah?)

What better way to show that they are geared to a long horizon, to many, many years of future growth than by picking a nonagenarian to take the helm? While the new media world mints new 20-something millionaires by the day, the WaPo went retro on us, thumbed their collective noses at youth and picked a guy who's been collecting Social Security since Mark Zuckerberg was in diapers. A darned risky pick, but one sure to bring in the centenarians by the score.

Bravo, WaPo!


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