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Adam Clayton Rangel

Here's the House Ethics Committee report listing 13 ethics violations (and a whole lot more) against former Ways & Means Committee Chairman - and sitting Rep. - Charlie Rangel. In a word, this is a bombshell. Reading it makes one wonder where the press has been on this issue for the past 5 years while this went on right under everyone's noses. Just glance through the 41 pages -- this is not a close call, it reads like a dime-store novel.

How ironic that as a young federal prosecutor, in 1970 Rangel ran against then-embattled Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, who was similarly ethically-challenged. Now Rangel finds himself in the same position.

The longer Rangel plays it out, the worse it is for the Dems. Pelosi's promise to maintain a strict ethical code is looking less credible by the day. No one can read this report and conclude anything other than that Rangel's cronies in the House were more than willing to give him generous earmarks - of your money - to build his academic Taj Mahal. Did Pelosi know? Did she condone it? What of his other fellow Committee Chairs? Aren't they all complicit in this, the Ways & Means Chairman building an academic shrine to himself? None of them blew the whistle?

And what does Obama say about this? Is this the change we can believe in?

[UPDATE] Here's a link to all the relevant documents from the House Ethics Committee, including a remarkable statement from Rep. Gene Green (D-TX), who led the investigation with Rep. Jo Bonner (R-AL), which totally calls out Rangel for causing "significant delay" throughout the investigation.


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