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The UAW, Fiddling While GM Burns

Just can't stop staring at this, from the Washington Post story on the GM bailout this morning:

"The union's cost-of-living increases, along with some holiday pay, were suspended. Yet UAW President Ronald A. Gettelfinger stressed that there would be no reduction in the membership's base hourly pay, health care and pensions...

Most of GM's hourly workers will receive another buyout and early retirement offer. Production workers will be offered $20,000, plus a $25,000 car voucher. Skilled employees will be offered $45,000 plus the vehicle voucher. The biggest buyout package, for employees with at least 20 years of service, includes $115,000 plus the car voucher." (Emphasis ours)blockquote>

Is this a group behaving like they work for a company that's about to go under....?


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