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Tea Party Day!

After considerable build-up, it's finally here, Tax Day and Tea Party Day. There will be scores of events around the country to protest the ever-growing government and the spending necessary to keep it running at its inefficient best.

Here's the website for the national group, but you can also text "Teaparty" to 69302 to get updates. The DC event will be at the Treasury Department (fitting, isn't it?) at noon. The joy of this whole push has been the absolute rage it has engendered on the left. If not one person shows up at a single event today, it will have been worth it to have made the crazies even crazier. That alone feels good.

Enjoy the Tea Party in your area.


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Dude, not rage: humor, sarcasm, laughter, bemusement, guffawing, chortling, hearty belly laughing, yes!! Maybe even a little schadenfreude by some, but rage...nah. But keep fighting the good fight my old friend!

Nathan Hale:

Agreed with Mike-- they're laughing at you, Pat. If you only knew what the term "teabagging" really meant... but conservatives are not known for lightening up...

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