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NLRB: Most Elections Held Within 38 Days

The WaPo features a roundtable of sorts on card check today, with voices pro and con. But the anti-democracy advocates keep repeating some old and tired canards. Among them is this notion that elections are subject to interminable delays by employers -- who by the way, are exercising their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. No matter.

And so we strolled on over to the NLRB website to see how long it takes to conduct union elections. In their 2008 annual report -- a non-partisan document - Chairman Peter Schaumber on behalf of the Board says:

"There are those who have expressed a view that the Board’s representation processes take too long. Our performance in FY 2008, as in prior years, demonstrates that those concerns are not warranted. NLRB elections are held expeditiously. Indeed, our latest statistics show that initial elections are held within a median of 38 days, one day less than the 39 median days achieved in FY 2007, and 95.1 percent of all initial elections are conducted within 56 days of the filing of the petition, compared to 93.9 percent in FY 2007." (Emphasis added)

It has been discouraging how the facts have been routinely discarded throughout this debate. The unions' henchmen - and women - in the Congress are often heard railing about election delays as a central reason for undermining democracy. From a plain examination of the facts, it looks like they'd better find another argument.


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