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Flat Earth Society Poll: 'Earth is Flat!'

Just saw this from Michael Calderone over at The Politico. A poll of mostly -- emphasize mostly -- dinosaur journalists asked, "On balance, has journalism been helped more or hurt more by the rise of news consumption on the Internet?" A whopping 65% said the internet hurt more.

Well, of course they did. Here's a list of who was surveyed:

Peter Beinart, Gloria Borger, David Brooks, Carl Cannon, Tucker Carlson, Jonathan Chait, Roger Cohen, Steve Coll, Sam Donaldson, Bob Edwards, James Fallows, Howard Fineman, Frank Foer, Ron Fournier, Jeffrey Goldberg, Jeff Greenfield, Glenn Greenwald, David Gregory, Mark Halperin, Christopher Hitchens, Al Hunt, Mort Kondracke, Jim Lehrer, Ruth Marcus, Joshua Micah Marshall, Chris Matthews, Jane Mayer, Doyle McManus, John Micklethwait, Dana Milbank, Markos Moulitsas, Katherine McIntire Peters, Todd Purdum, Cokie Roberts, Eugene Robinson, Tom Shoop, Roger Simon, Scott Simon, Ray Suarez, Nina Totenberg, Linda Wertheimer, Leon Wieseltier, Juan Williams, Judy Woodruff, Fareed Zakaria.

Again, mostly -- mostly -- Gore-Kerry-Obama voters, liberals, Dan Ratherites who lament their loosening grip on the information we all receive.

Had anyone asked, we would have been in the 35% that thinks that journalism's been helped by the extra eyes and opinions and lots of people calling "BS" on their collectively biased view of the world.


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