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Fairfax County Parks to Begin Charging Admission Fee to Residents

Here's a disturbing turn of events - and a parochial issue. Looks like Fairfax County is going to begin charging county residents, county taxpayers who've already paid for the privilege - an entry fee to use county parks. As a big user of the parks myself -- and a big taxpayer -- this is more than a little annoying. And all the real-life consequences noted in the WaPo article -- long lines to get in, people parking in nearby neighborhoods and walking to the parks -- are real. Remember, admission now is not free for county residents. We pay for it already with our taxes. It's presumably what taxes are for, no?

Here's a link to a petition started by county resident and park user Sandy Kosch, or you can e-mail the county directly. Here's a link to the Fairfax County Park Authority Board home page and here is the feedback form. Probably best to do it all.

Have at it.

[UPDATE]: If you're on Facebook, there's also a group you can join there called, "NO Fairfax County Park Fees."


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