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In a stunning new development, White House sources say the President's Auto Task Force is finalizing a recommendation that General Motors be put in its entirety on eBay, the popular internet auction site. The plan will be presented to President Obama upon his return from the G20 Summit later this week.

"The President charged us to think outside the box," said one task force member who spoke on the condition of anonymity, "And so we did." Faced with trying to find buyers or investors in an economic downturn, the task force "entertained every idea," said the source, "from bake sales to chain letters." One task force member suggested setting up a Facebook "Cause" that would allow the social network's near 200 million users to contribute to the ailing automaker. In the end, though, the eBay option won out. "It was the consensus solution," said the source, "It's easy and it appeals to the President's affinity for using new technology to solve yesterday's problems."

Assuming the President's sign-off, the auto behemoth could be in among the used cars and Elvis memorabilia on the popular site by this weekend. The bidding price is expected to start at

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