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Tech Community in 'Uproar' over Card Check

Add one more voice to the growing chorus of job creators out there who support democracy and oppose the card check bill.

A story in today's WaPo - in the Business section by tech writer Kim Hart - notes that the powerhouse Northern Virginia Technology Council, ably run by Washington hand Bobbie Kilberg, has come out foursquare against the bill. "A lot of the work we do is very team-oriented," says one tech executive. "If all of a sudden you have a layer of bureaucracy that has a different set of rules for hiring, firing and rewarding employees, that's going to stifle creativity and our ability to innovate."

The story notes that tech workers' salaries are among the most competitive in the country, with the average information-technology pro making $78,035 last year. This isn't about wages, as the anti-democracy forces would have you believe, it's about flexibility and the ability of workers and management to work together to find the most productive way to accomplish the work. It is after all the 21st Century. As Consumer Electronics Association Executive Director Gary Shapiro says, "Small companies need to be more flexible," he said. "If they want to change an assembly line, do research, give Christmas week off, they'll have to go through a union to do it."

Does anyone really want to have to deal with this guy....?


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