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Teachers' Union to DC: Your Child Left Behind

Death must be near, as I find myself agreeing with WaPo editorials. Can the rapture be far away? Today is a rare one in that the Post actually nailed it on two separate editorials. I posted on one (on H1B) here, but the one criticizing the Dems' efforts to end the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program hit the mark as well.

Under the sub-head, "Ending D.C. school vouchers would dash the best hopes of hundreds of children," the Post challenges Dems to explain to Deborah Parker, mother of two kids in the program who attend the otherwise-exclusive Sidwell Friends school (home to the President's children) why she would have to move her kids back to the dreadful DC Public Schools. The answer from the Democrats, sadly, is quite plain: "Because we are beholden to the teachers' unions." Judging from a recent report, the program has been a shining success.

Were that there was a better word for this, but there is not. It is a disgrace. Every Democrat who voted to deprive these kids of the opportunity to attend private schools, to lift themselves out of poverty, to give them some hope, should hang their heads in shame. Says the Post in closing, "[S]omeone needs to tell Ms. Parker why a bunch of elected officials who can send their children to any school they choose are taking that option from her." Until the decision is reversed, that cohort sadly includes the President of the United States. Click here to contact your Representative, click here to contact your Senators, and click here to send a note to the White House.

Finally, click here to see a great two-minute video featuring some of the kids who are now benefiting from this scholarship, courtesy of VoicesOfSchoolChoices.org.


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