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For The Politico, No Fact Check on Card Check

Here's the story that was spoon-fed by the SEIU to The Politico yesterday, reporting that the SEIU was sending 300 people to protest at the US Chamber because of the Chamber's apparent defense of democracy through their opposition to card check legislation.

Only problem is, somebody forgot to check and see how many people the SEIU actually turned out. First-hand observers (remember them?) said the protesters numbered about 40. That's a far cry from 300 -- less than 15%, by our math. How easy it must be to just call reporters and get them to do your bidding for you. All The Politico readers knew -- a fiction repeated by at least two other heretofore well-respected publications -- was that there really were 300 people there. Not even close.

At the end of the day, the real story here is not the laziness exhibited by the Fourth Estate (there's gambling in my casino??) but the pathetic showing of the once-mighty SEIU.


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