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Dog DNA: Who's Your Daddy?

Allow me to go off topic a bit here, a bit of a tangent.

I was part of a panel on social media at the Greater Washington Board of Trade few weeks back. In the audience was Theresa Brady of Canine Heritage, the people who make the dog DNA test kits. We met and I told her we just adopted a new puppy - rescued from a "kill shelter" in Georgia by two angels named Kevin and Uma here in Northern Virginia. She offered me a free test if i would blog about it. So there's your full disclosure and some context.

Read more below....

So for those of you on Facebook, here are some pictures of the new pooch. Our old dog was a border collie mix (one of the ten smartest dog breeds) so that's kinda the breed/look we were after. The new pooch weighs about 20 lbs, is about 4-5 months old.

The test arrived in the mail last week, but we had too many other pressing issues to deal with it then. It contains a form and some detailed directions and a swab, a long skinny plastic stick with bristles on one end. All the details are pretty well laid out in the video on their site. The idea is you take the swab out of it's plastic sheath, swab the pooch's cheek for 30 seconds (to collect epithelial cells), stick it back in the sheath and mail it back to Canine Heritage. Simple enough.

So today is just a rainy Saturday in Washington. The pooch is laying here sound asleep in the study so we decided to jump him and take the test. Mind you, he weighs only 20 lbs, but he is a puppy - and a bit of a drama king already. Let's just say he wasn't all that thrilled to have this thing inserted into his mouth. We tried to make it to 30 seconds but we lost our courage at the 15 to 20-second mark.

We stuck the swab into the envelope and walked it up to the mailbox in the postage-paid envelope. Watch this space, stay tuned, will let you know how it turns out. For us, it's just curiosity - and a serendipitous meeting with Theresa. If it works, we'll try it on our teenager next...


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Marge Klang:

Do they make the kit for sheep? Who's their daddy? ("Paaa-aaaat").

Luv ewe!

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