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Dodd is Toast

It's always interesting to watch these things play out, when you see a politician who is toast, when the whole world knows they're toast but they haven't figured it out yet on their own.

Here's a story on Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) from today's WaPo and a similar one from the NY Times. Here's an editorial on Dodd from the hometown paper, the Hartford Courant, and a stinging op-ed from the Courant entitled, "There's No Bonus for Lies, Senator Dodd," both from today. Ouch. Taken together, this is called a meme, a phrase or a notion that starts to sweep the web. The "Dodd is Toast" meme has officially begun.

If you're from Connecticut - and even if you're not -- you should drop him a note, thank him for his years of service and tell him what everyone else has figured out, i.e., that he's toast.


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