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Card Check Raises Issues of Democracy

Interesting article on card check in today's WaPo by Alec MacGillis, who's doing his level best to cover a very unfamiliar issue, ties the issue of card check to "Broader Capitalism Issues," per the headline. But in fact, the card check bill has little to do with the broader issues of capitalism and everything to do with issues of simple democracy. At issue here is how people will decide whether or not they want to be represented by a union. Would this Congress want municipal or federal elections determined on the basis of card check, the first candidate to gain the signatures of 50%+1 of eligible voters? C'mon, Harry Reid, how 'bout it?

Proponents of the bill love to cast it in terms of animus, but in truth the only animus here is toward the forces of democracy, the fundamental issue on which this country was founded, that our citizens would always have a voice, a vote.

As the union skates like to sing, "Which side are you on?"


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