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Big Shockeroo: EFCA Sponsors Get Lots of Union $$

Here's another -- more accurate -- story from The Politico today, noting that the two main sponsors of the card check bill -- Rep. George Miller (D-CA) and Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) -- have received a combined $3.5 million in political contributions from unions. What a coincidence. Last time around, the anti-democracy forces vacuumed up some $90 million in all from unions. No wonder they want to take the secret ballot away from folks - more dough for them!

Here's a link to the bill, officially known as H.R. 1409, introduced yesterday. There are 223 co-sponsors, down from 233 in 2000. The Senate bill has 40 co-sponsors, down from 46 in 2007. We are making progress. Looks like a lot of centrist Dems are getting nervous about supporting a bill that takes away people's right to vote. Will wonders never cease? Maybe PAC money has its limits in terms of pushing rational people past the bounds of sound judgment.

Here's a good time-waster cum civics lesson while you're idly listening in on your next conference call: Peruse the list of co-sponsors found here and check it against this handy-dandy list from the Center for Responsive Politics, to see how much each co-sponsor is hauling in from unions. Just click on the union shill Member of Congress you want to see, then click on the "PAC" tag and let the fun begin.

You can click here to weigh in with your Member of Congress and Senators. They were elected -- why shouldn't workers have the same right to have an election to decide whether or not to be represented by a union?


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