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'A solution to the coming card check battle'

Here's a story by that name that ran in Fortune back in January. It profiled an effort by strange bedfellows Rich Bensinger, former organizing director of the AFL-CIO and Dick Schubert, former Deputy Secretary of Labor in Republican Administrations.

Bensinger and Schubert formed a labor/management partnership called the Institute for Employee Choice a few years back (a name selected long before EFCA's birth), in their terms, "to try to insert ethics into the arena of union organizing campaigns." Their principles are based on focus groups and interviews they conducted among workers who had recently gone through NLRB elections, asking about union and employer conduct as well as about the effectiveness of the NLRB election process. These principles were also the basis for SEIU's votes last year with Catholic Health Care Partners in Ohio. In the end, the union won 2 and the employer won 3 of the bargaining units involved. Schubert and Bensinger report that the parties felt that was a pretty fair representation of the employees' wishes.

Their "principles for fair elections" include such things as equal access for unions, equal posting rights, and expedited arbitration for terminations. But at the end of the day, their effort didn't get much traction since at core, the AFL-CIO ain't all that interested in elections, as it turns out. Wow -- who saw that coming...?

The truth is, johnny-come-latelies like Lanny Davis - and the trinity of Costco, Starbucks and Whole Foods - would do well to work with established, credible folks like Bensinger and Schubert. In fact, interested parties can work with them any time they want, to establish a framework for discrete union activity without any government involvement. What a concept.


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