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Help Congress Understand: 'How Much is a Million?'

Reading over this post set me to thinkin' that maybe it's time for a little citizen activism, in light of all the billions and trillions being tossed around in Washington. Today, millions just seem so quaint. Millions are now spillage down there on Capitol Hill, a mere rounding error.

So here's an idea. There's this great children's book, "How Much is a Million?' by David Schwartz, illustrated by Steven Kellogg. it costs $6.99 on Amazon. Why not send a copy to your Member of Congress? If you're feeling prosperous, send one to your Senators, too. Heck, the nice folks over at Amazon will even gift wrap it.

You can find your Representative's address here. You can find your Senators' address here. You can send one to the White House, too, if you want. It's just, "The White House, Washington DC, 20500." Why not enclose a little gift card with your thoughts, too? No profanity, please.

Maybe it'll help get their brains around the concept.


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