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Sopranos: Don't Stop Believing

OK, so what should we make of The Sopranos finale? Was it brilliant or a bust? Does it mean that life goes on or does the five seconds of black screen at the end mean Tony got whacked, as this article implies? Remember Tony in the boat with Bobby, warning him that in the end, you never hear it, everything just goes black?

And then everything went black....


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I just don't buy that something that Bobby said to Tony earlier this season is the answer to the riddle. Ultimately, Bobby was a minor character. And one depicted mostly as a buffoon:

Bobby: To the victor goes the spoils!
Tony: Get the f--k outta here before I shove that quotation book up your fat f---ing a--!


Tony (to Bobby): If I were you, I would seriously consider salads!

And even after becoming Tony's brother-in-law, remember that scene in his garage -- his sheepish look with the train hat on?

To me, this episode was about closing the arc from season one -- suburban family angst. From the rant about his mother to the final scene with the nuclear family at the table (very similar to the end of season one where Tony raises his glass to Carm, Meadow and A.J. at Vesuvio's and says something along the lines of "this is what it is all about. Family."

Then again, everyone can now make up their own ending, and that's the brilliance of David Chase.

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