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Friday Follies: The Dancing Dads

Friday Follies Today we present a special Father's Day edition of Friday Follies.

This contest -- "The Daddy of All Dance-Offs" -- was sponsored by Hallmark. Competitions were held all across the country over the past few months. At this link you can see the first-place winners from all eight locations. You'll see a few dads that, uh, need the exercise, but are nimble as can be. One guy even keeps his cell phone miraculously strapped to his belt throughout all the gyrations. You'll see 'em dance to the strains of MC Hammer, Smash Mouth and Barry White -- and you'll see them bust some pretty serious moves.

So here's to all you dads out there. Best wishes on your special day on Sunday. Click here to watch this week's Friday Follies. And please -- please -- don't try this at home.

Break it down.


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