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Friday Follies: The Annual Rolling of the Cheese

Friday FolliesThose of you who were regular ShopFloor.org readers know of our proclivity for Friday Follies. It was always a bit frustrating that Fridays were our busiest traffic days. As we said, all that beautiful prose, and the only thing people wanted to see was the next funny video.

That point was driven home early on in ShopFloor.org's history when we posted this item on the annual rolling of the cheese down Cooper's Hill in Gloucester, England. As it turns out, traffic went through the roof as folks stared mindlessly at mindless men and women chasing a 7-lb roll of cheese down a very steep hill -- a bizarre contest that apparently has its roots in pagan ritual. Makes sense, those wacky pagans.

Somehow we missed the 2006 contest, but we wanted to post the 2007 contest today, as it occurred earlier this week, and should not be missed by any pagan or non-pagan. Of all the videos available on YouTube, this one was the longest and had been viewed the most and indeed, we thought it was the best, if you can use a word like "best" to describe something like this. As we said back in 2005, "Looking at this, we are left to ponder, is it any wonder we won the Revolution?"

Click here to see the video and behold stupidity run -- and roll -- amok.


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