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Welcome Readers!

Hey, gang -- welcome to, and thanks for stopping by. Having started some two years ago, the thoughts of starting a new blog from scratch was a little daunting, but hey, we figure if even one of the two regular ShopFloor readers come over here, we'll have half of the traffic from the get-go.

Here in this space we'll be writing about all the issues near and dear to our hearts, about manufacturing, tax and economic issues, about unions and, of course, about Lou Dobbs. Might even throw in a Friday Follies every now and then as well. However, in addition, we'll be able to write about issues not germane to manufacturing or to the NAM's mission. God knows there are enough blogs about the war, but we may wander into various political imbroglios, just to keep the blood flowing. For example, had this blog been up & running during the Imus mash-up, we would have jumped into that fray, just for the heck of it. We will likely also be launching another business community blog along with some other allies, will post over on that one, too. Stay tuned for details.

So yes, we start with one regular reader (Hi, mom!), start from scratch as we did over two years ago. Drop us a note, tee up topics you want us to address or avoid, send us tid-bits. We are unfettered by any filter now (we can hear you exclaiming, "You had a filter?!?"), and are just out here pinging around the blogosphere.

Welcome to, be it ever so humble.


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Blogger's Apprentice:

You had a filter?


Seriously, its great to see that you're not giving up anything with a new job.

On behalf the NAFBA (National Association of Former Blogger's Apprentices), we wish you the best of luck!


Hey Pat,

I just sent an e-mail to your NAM address. Will you still get it?

Michael Zak:

Congratulations, Pat, for the move to Fleishman-Hillard. Let's stay in touch.


Michael Zak

Matt Simmons:

A belated congratulations on the new job and the new site. Let's keep in touch.

All the best,
Matt Simmons

Dave Ryan:

Congratulations on the move Pat! Two years doesn't seem like a long time, but you have taken the "brain f-?#" of a blog site, to a high traffic, cutting edge site. I hope we can continue to expect more of the same, except now like we do it in manufacturing, cheaper, faster and better! Be sure and give us the URL to your day job blogging!

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