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Political Correctness Run Amok

It's come to this....

The MPAA has announced it will factor smoking into its rating system, so films that depict smoking -- like every Humphrey Bogart film and very World War II movie -- will be considered for an "R" rating. "Clearly, smoking is increasingly an unacceptable behavior in our society," says MPAA chief and former Clintonista Dan Glickman in this article, "There is broad awareness of smoking as a unique public health concern due to nicotine's highly addictive nature, and no parent wants their child to take up the habit."

What's next? Trans-fats? Wearing white after Labor Day? Good Lord. Think about the wasteland that is prime time TV and the sex, profanity and violence that can be shown, unvarnished, to the world at large. It's apparently OK for our children to take up any of those habits, no problem. Just don't let anyone light up a cigarette. We have our standards, please.

Stand by for the the next inevitable "R"-rating trigger -- any film that depicts global warming.


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Tom Fahey:

Scooter yanked the oxygen hose out of his nose and put the sqwak gizmo up to the hole in his trachea in order to tell me to tell you he says, "You can run, but you can't hide!"

All kidding aside, congratulations and best of luck in your new endeavors. (I'm proud to be your second commentator. This isn't the extent of your fan club, is it?)


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