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Help Hillary Pick a Theme Song

Everybody needs a theme song, right? Y'know -- the song in your head when you're walking down the street (think John Travolta and "Stayin' Alive") or when you're introduced to an adoring crowd. Maybe it's the Allman Brothers "Whippin' Post," or Louis Armstrong's, "What a Wonderful World," or maybe even Charlie Pride's "Busted." Just gotta have a theme song.

Turns out, even Presidential candidates need a theme song. On Hillary Clinton's website is actually a good-humored video from her, inviting the public's input in helping her pick a theme song. Here's a link to the list of songs and the site where you can vote. Or, click on "Comments" below to add your suggestions.

And, let's hope she doesn't decide to sing.


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Comments (4)

I would think Hillary's theme song would be obvious.

Blogger's Apprentice:

How about Elton John's

“The Bi&^ch is Back”!

Tom Fahey:

Scooter is very old school (i.e., old) and doesn't do e-mail or the innernet.

But he wants me to submit this recommendation for Hillary's campaign theme song:

"Devil in a Blue Dress"

Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels
(circa 1967)

Tom Fahey:

Correction: You can edit that last one, thank you:

It's "Devil With a Blue Dress." Scooter is old, and his memory sometimes fails him.

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