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'A Full Tank of Hypocrisy'

Further to our post over on ShopFloor.org last week comes resident wise man Bob Samuelson today in an op-ed by the above title, calling BS on the Dems' alleged anti-price gouging legislation. His piece includes this line which made us laugh out loud:

"It's a plausible-sounding theory whose major defect is the absence of supporting evidence."

He goes on to repeat the heresy in Dem circles that "Today's higher gasoline prices mostly reflect supply and demand." Yeah, we knew that. If the Congress ever got their brains around that concept, they just might do something to increase domestic supply. Remember that we are alone in the world -- the laughingstock to most of our competitors -- in that we restrict access to our own natural resources. Smart ... not.

So let the Congress pass pointless legislation wagging a finger at an imaginary foe. That'll make 'em feel better, won't do a damned thing for the consumer. The triumph of feelgood politics. Yeah, that's why we sent 'em to Washington.


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"It's a plausible-sounding theory whose major defect is the absence of supporting evidence."

Isn't that the definition of Athopogenic Global Warming?

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